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Hemp Oil and CBD

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When it comes to the Cannabis family, people tend to confuse its various members. Hemp has long been dogged by marijuana’s reputation, but recent years have seen the rise of cannabidiol oil as a medicinal compound with distinctly powerful benefits. Confusion arises, though, because cannabidiol (CBD) is made from hemp oil, and many companies market low-quality hemp as high-CBD strains. Accordingly, it’s important to understand the relationship between cannabidiol and hemp oil when attempting to take advantage of this powerful compound. In particular, while CBD is ideal for treating an assortment of medical problems, hemp seed oil is better suited to providing nutritional impacts as a nutritional supplement.

Two Oils, One Plant

While hemp has a longer history, CBD oil has recently risen in popularity for its medicinal potential because it avoids the intoxicating qualities of marijuana. Both hemp and CBD oils are derived from cannabis sativa plant, but the latter is generally harvested only from the buds, leaves, and stalks of CBD-rich hemp strains. Industrial hemp requires much less care than standard marijuana plants and grows to a much higher 15 feet with large stalks. Extraction of CBD oil may be done using oil, solvent, or CO2, with the first being the safest and the last being the most advanced, creating the purest possible product. For all three, the resulting oil is ideal for treating inflammation, epilepsy, psychological problems, and aiding in cancer treatment.

Consumers may become confused about the differences between products that are labeled hemp oil versus CBD oil. The main thing to remember is that the latter oil is a sub-type of hemp oil that includes higher than average levels of cannabidiol. In particular, hemp plants contain CBD, and strains with higher concentrations are bred to maximize potency. In states where marijuana is legal, CBD oil can be derived from marijuana strains and may contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical that imparts a high to users. However, THC-free hemp and CBD oil alike provide an alternative for standard Omega 3 vitamins with psychoactive-free supplements.

Supporting Wellness

Cannabidiol is merely one of 100s of related Cannabis-derived, medicinal compounds. Yet, it is unique for its particular pharmacokinetics, or what the body does to CBD, and pharmacodynamics, or what it does to the body. Together, these effects translate into great potential in supporting overall health. In particular, CBD oil stimulates cannabinoid receptors in cells that then communicate with other cells to make things happen in our bodies. Rather than being drawn to receivers in the brain or spinal cord, where they might lead to euphoria, though, this powerful oil gravitates to a cannabinoid receiver in the immune-system-oriented spleen. In addition, it affects endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, which focus on maintaining homeostasis. What is even more remarkable is CBD’s ability to stimulate the human body in this way without side effects, drug interactions, or even potential for a lethal dose.

Eating Right with Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is generally produced from the same, industrial cannabis sativa plants as CBD oil. By weight, these seeds are about half hemp oil that is easily extracted by running them through a rotating press that separates the oil out before being cold pressed or otherwise refined. As noted

above, certain strains contain higher concentrations of CBD, but the hemp seeds do not have high levels of that compound.

Although they have health benefits, hemp seeds are mainly consumed as part of a nutritious diet. Like CBD oil, they contain high levels of polyunsaturated fats with omega fatty acids, along with several wellness-supporting vitamins and minerals. Hemp oil is best used for cooking oil or salad dressing because of its nutty flavor, low amount of saturated fats, and diverse nutrients. However, many companies also use this healthful oil in cosmetics, home products, plastics, fuels, and paints.

Both hemp and CBD oil will deliver myriad benefits for your health. So, consider how you might best incorporate these supplements into your diet and everyday life. In addition, look for products that use organic, whole-plant cannabis that includes no THC in order to ensure the best medicinal benefits for your oil or supplement. However you incorporate hemp and CBD oil into your workaday routine, be sure to use these powerful oils to improve your quality of your life.

CBD Natures Miracle Cure

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CBD is not something you’ll find in a lab, it’s an all-natural substance found in hemp seeds. When it comes to natural cures for common ailments and diseases, CBD is natures miracle. Other than being very famous for treating glaucoma, CBD has so many more benefits than we previously thought possible.

What we are not talking about today is regular ‘Hemp Seed Oil’ oh no, CBD is much more powerful than that. Unlike THC which is the substance that cannabis is so well known for that causes the well-known high, CBD is nonpsychoactive and brings a sense of calmness with its healing properties.

CBD acts in a very sustainable and gentle way. Far removed from the forcefulness of chemical substitutes, CBD is a soothing healer for your body. When I was younger I suffered from epileptic seizures.

I remember sitting in front of the TV one day playing a video game for the first time when I had my first seizure. Ever since I have been on medication to try and manage them. And although my medication works sometimes, it doesn’t work all the time. And boy was it expensive at a few hundred dollars a month!

A few years into my early twenties I started experimenting with a few natural cures for my seizures. Not much was working, and then I stumbled upon CBD. Wow. What a difference it made to my life. I take a little CBD every day and I’ve never had a seizure since. I’m now off my medication completely too!

CBD is much cheaper and safer to use than taking annoying pills every day. I don’t even get auras anymore (that’s what you see before you have a seizure). I’ve been so happy with CBD that I’ve gotten a lot of my friends and family onto using it too.

How to Use CBD

For starters it’s pretty damn simple. And a little goes a long way – believe me. One little bottle of the stuff will last you several months! It’s a fraction of the cost of traditional medicine too. The fastest way to get CBD into your blood is through the glands under your tongue.

What I like to do is take the dropper and just drop one drop below my tongue and try and hold it there for as long as I can. You can also smoke it through a vaporizer (no you won’t get high! It’s got no THC in it!).

I prefer the oral drops under the tongue as you’ll also get the amino acid benefit. After three to five hours I take another dosage. You can also increase the dosage by one drop each interval until you reach three drops (don’t go over three).

The reason why I like to repeat the dosage is that the effect only lasts for a few hours in your body and you’ll need to reapply the treatment throughout the day to remain effective. This is because it’s a natural medicine and not a chemical concoction.

There are different strength CBD oils out there so it pays to check the potency of each one before using it. We recommend the highest quality oil you can find, as you’ll need to use far less of it and it will stay active longer in your body.

CBD for Cigarette Addicts

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If you’ve been smoking cigarettes for a while you’ll likely be strongly addicted and it’ll be damn hard to quit. Quitting smoking is hard at the best of times but with the help of CBD you’ll be able to finally quit for good.

I was a pack a day smoker for many years – 17 years to be exact. When all the news came out about how bad smoking was for you I tried really hard to quit. But I failed. And failed again and again. For years I tried everything I could to give up the habit for reaching for my next cigarette but nothing seemed to work.

I tried nicotine patches, sprays and chewing gum. I tried going cold turkey, I tried replacing my smoking habit with sugary sweats. I paid a lot for hypnosis that never worked and I even tried an E-cigarette without any success.

For many years I just gave up trying. But one day I read an article in the newspaper about CBD. Someone had used it to stop smoking! I had never heard of this substance before so I decided to do some research into it.

Firstly I learned that it comes from hemp seeds. At first I didn’t really like this idea as I’ve never supported marijuana smoking. And why would I want to give up one form of smoking only to take up another …

But CBD isn’t marijuana. It may come from the same plant but you don’t have to smoke it to benefit from it. In fact most people just take a drop or two of beneficial oil instead. What I also learned was that high quality CBD doesn’t have any THC in it.

Now for those of you who don’t know much about cannabis, THC is the substance that gives marijuana users the familiar high. High quality CBD oils don’t have any THC in them. There’s been a lot of trials done on the effects of CBD too.

All of them have shown no negative side effects to taking CBD oil. And I know why. It’s completely natural. Unlike the nicotine products and other quitting aids, CBD is 100% natural and your body love it!

The best place I’ve found to source CBD is online. It’s so common now that you can buy it in your local pharmacy, but the highest quality CBD oils are only found online – direct from suppliers. Which also means you’ll save big bucks, compared to paying retail prices.

It took me just two weeks of using CBD to come right off of cigarette smoking. Every now and then I get a twinge to smoke a cigarette – maybe someone is smoking nearby or I see it in a movie; but I just take out my CBD and drop a little under my tongue. Like magic my need for nicotine disappears instantly.

I’ve been so impressed by how well CBD has worked at getting me off of cigarettes that I’ve told all my friends and family about it. Many of them have done the same thing as me and used it successfully to quit as well.

It’s a lot cheaper than smoking cigarettes and has a world of benefits packed into every drop too. I feel so much better than I did when I was smoking.

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits

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Hemp oil is a very tasty alternative to olive, coconut or other cooking oils, it can be used in a variety of cooking applications and carries great health benefits. Traditionally hemp oil is used as a medicine to heal the body, however it makes a great alternative to other well used cooking oils.

There are four main reasons why you should be switching out your other cooking oils for healthy hemp oil. Unlike other oils hemp oil is packed with a full range of nutrients that our bodies need. All these extra nutrients help the body fight off common diseases and keep the body in full health.

Hemp oil has a very high concentration of healthy fatty acids which lends itself to providing nutritional advantages over other oils. Well produced and thoughtfully stored hemp oil tastes fantastic and leaves a nutty taste in foods that it is cooked with.

It’s important to store hemp oil in a non-transparent glass or stainless steel container and keep it in a cool place away from heat sources. High temperatures can damage the oils healing properties and it will also lose much of its great taste.

Hemp oil does have some limitations when it comes to cooking applications such as a low smoke point, which makes it unsuitable for high temperature cooking such as frying. And this is a good thing because most of hemp oils beneficial properties are lost when the oil is heated for too long or at too higher temperatures.

Hemp oil makes for a great finishing oil such as in salad dressings and over vegetables.

Balanced Essential Fatty Acids

Hemp oil has a near perfect balance of the two most important essential fatty acids. It ranges from 2:1 and 3:1 for linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid. Both of these acids are essential for healthy cell growth, maintenance and other body functions. A shortage of either of these two fatty acids has powerfully damaging effects on our body as we cannot make them ourselves and they must be consumed in our foods.

When you choose cold pressed hemp oil you also conserve all of the other trace minerals and nutrients that have a great benefit for your body. The amounts of the different nutrients in the oil vary greatly from brand to brand as each manufacturer generally has a different source. And each farmer grows a different strain of the crop on varying soil types. Therefore it makes great sense to purchase high quality brands that have been carefully produced.

All Purpose Healer

Many of our modern day diseases and illnesses have been blamed on the incorrect levels of various fats in our diets. It’s been suggested that with the right balance of fatty acids, particularly the essential ones, our bodies would be better able to process our high fat diets.

Hemp seed oil contains the two essential fatty acids that are missing from the majority of our diets. Therefore it makes for a very beneficial dietary supplement to include in our meals and may actually help reduce heart disease, obesity, skin diseases and some cancers.

Health specialists have long promoted a diet with less than 30% fat intake, and they are now suggesting that the type of fats we consume are more important than how much we consume. Fats that contain the two essential fatty acids are increasingly more important and sort after by health conscious consumers.

Studies on patients with early onset heart disease, better described as partially blocked arteries, have shown that hemp oil can reduce heart conditions. These results were found with just 4 teaspoons of hemp oil taken daily, with no other changes to the patients diet or lifestyles.

It’s long been known that diets high in animal fats such as those found in cut meats, eggs and dairy, have an increased risk of LDL cholesterol building up in veins. LDL is the “bad” cholesterol that blocks blood flow to the heart and eventually caused heart attacks. Animal fats, other than some oily fish, are very low in linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids. So taking hemp oil with these meals will help your body digest the other fats correctly and stop them from building up in your body.

PMS has also been shown to be affected by hemp oil. Symptoms such as cramps, swelling, irritability and pain have been shown to decrease within just a few weeks of regularly taking hemp oil. The studies we looked at used just one teaspoon of hemp oil daily and saw a huge difference in the majority of patients within just 12 weeks.

Hemp oil really is an all-purpose healer, and we are just beginning to discover all the benefits this amazing oil has to offer.

Hemp Oil for Younger Skin

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The benefits of hemp all are many. One of our favorite uses is as a cosmetic application on the skin, particularly on the face, but it’s also a great all-over body lotion. Your skin is the largest organ on your body yet we neglect it most!

For many of us taking care of our skin is the last thing on our minds, we often forget how important this organ is in protecting ourselves from outside ailments. Healthy skin provides a protective barrier between the rest of our body and the outside world.

By taking great care of our skin from an early age, and doing so often, we can prevent early wrinkles and skin cancer.

Hemp seed oil is made from the cannabis plants seeds which are collected and then cold pressed to extract the valuable oils. Hemp seed oil is well known for containing a perfect balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3, which are great for your skin.

To ensure your skin gets the best care you should only use high quality hemp oil, as the lower quality oils often contain harmful fillers and other ingredients.

You’ll Look Younger

The molecules found in hemp oil are full of health promoting properties, when you apply them to your skin you’ll start to look younger straight away. The oil is full of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that revitalize and rejuvenate dry and tired skin.

The elasticity and blood flow to the skin will greatly improve within just a few days of use. And you’ll look noticeable younger, with an improved glow to your complexion.

Skin Protection

Damaging sun rays are usually never on our mind until the day after we burn our skin, yet our skin protects us from the harsh sun every day of our lives. We really should help it do its job and increase its effectiveness against UV.

By applying hemp oil over our skin in the mornings we coat our skin with a natural, breathable and nourishing protective layer. Which ensures our skin stays nice and healthy, and resists burning from over-exposure.


Our skin is prone to drying out, particularly as we grow older. Hemp oil will help keep your skin moisturized, because it has the ability to penetrate and lubricate skin cells. Saving you from painful, hard and rough skin.

Daily application of hemp oil to hardened skin surfaces such as calluses on the hands or feet, will help soften them back to their normal state.

Acne Treatment

Hemp oil is one of the best natural cures to acne problems because it has a high level of Omega-3 and 6 oils it doesn’t block your pores. Instead it helps clean them so that acne doesn’t appear. Hemp oil also balances sebum production which when balanced, reduces the level of acne production.

The anti-inflammatory properties in hemp oil help to relief the pain from acne outbreaks and reduce itching and irritation.

Sebum is the natural lubricant of your skin, but when it starts to change texture (such as during adolescence) it can become sticky and clog up pores. The acids in hemp oil (essential fatty acids)

Former Quarterback Supports Cannabis Use

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Jake Plummer, the well-known Denver Broncos quarterback, has come out in public support for cannabidoil – the one of the active ingredients found in cannabis. He says that the drug which he is taking after retiring from the game is helping him reduce pain from over a decade of hard falls and injuries.

And Jakes just one of a growing group of retired athletes who are speaking out about the benefits of CBD. In the past 5 years we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of retired pro-athletes ditching their expensive medication for the all-natural alternative of CBD.

Cannabidoil is the compound found in cannabis that helps the user prevent and manage pain. It does not contain any of the THC – which is the compound that gives users the well-known “high”.

Research has supported Plummer’s decision in switching to CBD, as more doctors and scientists are coming into favour for CBD over other pain reducing drugs such as opiods. Opiods have long been known to be dangerous to the user and can quickly become addictive with repeated use.

Plummer is standing up and backing CBD telling reporters “CBD grows in the earth. It is not addictive. It helps your body instead of hurting it.”

Many retired players including Plummer and Eugene Monroe are supporting CBD research out of their own pockets too. And it’s easy to see why, within 5 years of finishing his last season of the NFL, Plummer had microfracture surgery to both hip joints and both labrums reattached. The pain was unbearable and Plummer couldn’t do anything but lay in bed for weeks on end.

After surgery he was in so much pain, so he started taking CBD. In one interview he stated “I feel virtually pain free. The inflammation in my joints that stiffened up in the cold winter months was gone. The random headaches that would throb behind my eyes to the beat of my heart? Gone.”

Plummer has gone through a lot of pain and hopes his teammates won’t have to repeat the same painful experiences he had when they retire. So with a strong attitude Plummer is leading one of the biggest changes to hit NFL. He is now a spokesperson for CW Botanicals and speaks up proudly about using CBD to manage his pain.

CBD is just one of over 100 cannabidoids found in cannabis. The US government has patented CBD as a neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory. Not only that but CBD use also prevents depression, cancer growth and is a powerful antioxidant.

The biggest obstacle Plummer and his associates need to overcome is the stigma associated with cannabis in the country. Many people have not educated themselves on how different CBD is to cannabis, and do not know that you cannot get a high from CBD. We won’t have any definite answers for a while yet, but once the DEA reclassifies CBD; which they’ll do very shortly, CBD will likely become a mainstream medical product.

The NHL is forward thinking in regards to CBD, currently they are the only professional sports league to not include CBD on their list of banned substances. Players have long been able to take CBD for pain relief and the NHL is in full support of the substance. Will the NFL take note and follow suit?

CBD vs THC – What’s The Difference

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So we’ve all heard of marijuana – it’s the drug choice of the 60’s and 70’s and well famed as the “safe drug.” But how many of you know that marijuana, also known as cannabis, is made up of over 85 compounds. Most of which are yet to be studied, yet two of the 85 have been extensively studied over the past 50 years – CBD and THC.

And there’s a huge difference between the two of them. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is what gives users of marijuana the familiar “high” and is also the part of cannabis that has the most negative side effects. Whereas CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has all of the beneficial effects such as neuroprotection and anti-inflammation.

Up until very recently most of the scientific community and even the public thought that THC and CBD were the same chemical. And to an extent they have are very similar on the molecular level, however they have very different effects on the body.

How Your Body Reacts

Both CBD and THC react in your body by activating the cannabinoid receptors in your cells. Without becoming too technical and overbearing, let’s suffice to say that these receptors are responsible for transmitting signals within our body.

Whilst some of these receptors are responsible for desirable effects, other receptors cause undesirable changes in our bodies, and this is exactly where THC and CBD differ. Whilst THC can cause undesirable effects such as depression and getting “high.” CBD has only desirable changes in our body.


Currently there are no studies that show CBD as having any negative side effects or overdose issues which is why CBD is legal worldwide, whereas THC is not. There are many studies that show CBD has only desirable effects and does not have any of the negative effects associated with THC.

CBD not only acts as a neuroprotector and anti-inflammatory, it also reduces vomiting, nausea, depression, onset of seizures, psychosis and cancer risk. In the past few years there has been a huge increase in the number of studies undertaken on CBD and more evidence has been brought forward in support of its use.


This was the first cannabinoid discovered in marijuana and as such is the most researched. It is also the main ingredient in the majority of cannabis harvested, although there are now new strains that have far more CBD than THC – in fact almost no THC.

We know with high certainty that THC is the cannabinoid that produces the “high” in marijuana, it can be intoxicating even in small amounts. THC alters your behaviour and causes you to lose control of your ability to control movements and speech. Regardless THC has been used and is now legal as a drug for reducing pain in the body. Although CBD is now the preferred option as it doesn’t have any of the negative effects of THC.

Long-Term Use

THC is well documented over a long period and is well known for causing schizophrenia, depression and psychosis. This is the main reason why it is illegal in almost all countries around the world. Long

term use of marijuana, which is almost always higher in THC than CBD, is unhealthy and leads to many neurological disorders.

Although CBD has only just begun to be extensively studied, trials have shown no negative effects of long term use. In contrast to THC, CBD has no negative effects and there is no lethal overdose, making it the preferred option for medical practitioners.

CBD still has so much to be studied, scientists believe they have only just taken a peak at the long list of beneficial influences CBD has on our bodies.

Cannabidiol – What You Must Know Before Using it

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Firstly cannabidiol also goes by the name CBD. And although most people have heard of the chemical THC, which is the main ingredient in marijuana and the one most responsible for the “high” users talk about. Not many people know of the beneficial effects of cannabises second most common ingredient – CBD.

While some authorities and scientist groups can’t seem to look past the effects of THC, a quickly growing minority of groups have taken a keen interested in CBD. And for good reasons too; CBD is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory and neuroprotectors there is.

As further research is done scientists are discovering even more beneficial properties to CBD and more authority groups are taking notice. And the list of benefits of taking CBD is steadily growing year on year, as well as its market-share in pain relief products.

CBD is a Key Ingredient in Cannabis

Yes that’s right. Marijuana does have some benefits, but that doesn’t mean you should go out there and smoke a joint just yet. You see although marijuana has some beneficial compounds it also has many that haven’t been fully studied yet which may have negative side effects.

Thankfully scientists have found a way to extract CBD from cannabis into a highly concentrated extract which can be taken very easily in a pill or liquid form. CBD extracts do not have any of the negative effects of cannabis and are 100% pure CBD.


Sorry folks, you won’t be getting a high from over-the-counter CBD – all the psychoactive compound (also known as THC) has been removed. This provides a significant advantage to health care professionals who prescribe CBD as there are little to no side effects of taking the medicine.

A 2011 review published in Current Drug Safety outlined that CBD did not interfere with psychomotor or psychological functions. The study cited noted that CBD can be taken even in high dosages without any side effects and for all purposes it is well tolerated and safe.

Wide Range of Benefits

A recent review of CBD published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2013 found that CBD benefited a wide range of issues such as:

* Reducing nausea and vomiting

* Suppressing seizures

* Overcoming psychosis

* Reducing inflammation

* Overcoming neurodegeneration

* Reducing the onset and growth of cancer

* Combatting anxiety and depression

Although most of the data collected in these studies comes from animals, it’s clear that CBD has many beneficial effects on humans as well. The funding for more CBD trials is already underway and we will have the results from human testing within a few years.

Reduces the Negative Effects of THC

Several studies have shown that CBD decreases the effects of THC, thus making it harder to get “high” and sustain it. CBD has also been shown to reduce the toxicity effects of THC such as memory loss and paranoia.

CBD is also well known for counteracting the drowsiness of THC, which explains why some strains of marijuana seem to make users alert whilst others make them inactive. And although both CBD and THC have been found to show no risk of lethal overdose. Doctors and scientists strongly advice sticking to CBD extracts rather than smoking marijuana.

Everything you need to know about Cannabidiol

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Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of cannabis is the diverse range of effects it produces in individuals around the world. There is no singular outcome that one encounters during cannabis use, and this is largely due to the presence of cannabinoids, a collection of chemical compounds which interact with various endocannabinoid receptors positioned throughout the body. As these receptors become stimulated due to the presence of cannabinoids, a wide assortment of both physical and psychological fluctuations occur. For some, this can result in an increased sense of hunger, while others may feel joy or elation and a general sense of emotional wellbeing. The array of recorded experiences occurring as a result of cannabis are unending.

THC is one of the most often discussed cannabinoids, due in large part to the fact that this particular compound has been directly linked to various psychological reactions for cannabis users. A measure of the THC content in cannabis is generally a strong indicator as to the strength and quality of the psychological experience an individual will have upon use. That being said, it is equally important to discuss the various effects and benefits of CBD, or Cannabidiol, a core chemical compound within cannabis which has a host of both medical and personal applications.

The Health Benefits of CBD

As research continues into CBD, scientists are discovering an increasing number of health-related applications in which this particular compound can be used to achieve positive outcomes. CBD is now considered a possible treatment for a variety of serious illnesses, including epilepsy (particularly among children), migraines, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and cancer, among others. As the benefits of CBD continue to emerge, medical professionals are adapting it for use in a number of unique formats, including as an applied oil.

Standing Out from the Crowd

What is, perhaps, the most unique attribute of CBD is its inability to produce the same psychological sensation of being “high” which THC has gained notoriety for. Those individuals who choose to use CBD for medical reasons – regardless of their specific malady, would likely not experience any of the standard physical and psychological effects one would expect from standard cannabis consumption.

As could be imagined, the lack of noticeable psychological effects has transformed CBD into an unpopular cannabinoid for recreational marijuana users. That being said, it should be made clear that THC – while still capable of inducing the standard “high” experience – is also of medical importance, particularly for those individuals suffering from chronic pain, migraines, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses.

Within the current pharmaceutical industry, there are no pill-based CBD products available for purchase. THC remains the sole cannabinoid that has been cleared for legal public consumption. That being said, it is quite likely that the ever-expanding awareness centered around CBD will lead to the debut of a medical version of the cannabinoid in the near future. It is also, perhaps, interesting to note that CBD can act as a natural deterrent against THC, helping those individuals who are using cannabinoids for medical reasons to avoid unwanted psychological effects. In particular, CBD has been known to reduce the onset of lethargy in THC users, allowing for responsible and safe daytime consumption for active individuals.

Placing It In Perspective

Believe it or not, there are actually over 100 unique cannabinoids found within cannabis. Many of these particular compounds have yet to be evaluated to the extent that accurate assessments can be made of their benefits / dangers to human users. A growing pool of scientists have also been working diligently in recent years to create a synthetic cannabinoid which mimic their organic counterparts. It will be quite interesting to observe how these particular advancements within the medical community change or expand knowledge our knowledge of cannabinoids in general, as well as the extent to which we understand CBD.

The Positive Benefits of CBD Cannabidiol: What You Need To Know

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For anyone who has followed the role of cannabis in modern society, it is quite possible that the purported health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) – the primary active in marijuana – are well known. After all, there exists a growing body of research related to this particular topic, due in large part to the fact that scientists continue to uncover a variety of surprising health benefits hiding within CBD. Although marijuana continues to be a hotly contested legal issue due to the presence of THC, a psychotropic agent responsible for creating the sensation of being “high”, there are documented instances in which individuals have used marijuana specifically for the purpose of treating medical maladies. In many situations, the outcomes have been quite favorable. With this in mind, we’ve compiled this brief list of potential health benefits of CBD currently being evaluated by researchers today.

CBD as an Anti-Seizure Medication

In a number of trials, both with animals and humans, CBD was found to help prevent the onset of seizures. Although there has yet to exist an extensive body of research on this topic, scientists are attempting to discover the exact methodology by which CBD acts as an anti-seizure treatment. Of equal importance is the fact that CBD is now being identified as a possible treatment for children who suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy. Again, definitive proof as to whether or not CBD can function as a treatment has yet to exist, but studies so far have delivered encouraging results. If, indeed, CBD was found to be an effective treatment for children, this could become a powerful step forward for these young patients.

CBD as a Neuroprotective Agent

It’s no secret that a significant amount of research is being undertaken these days into precisely what causes the onset of various degenerative mental disorders in the elderly. In cases involving Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or any one of several other threatening illnesses, scientists are actively beginning to experiment with CBD as a potential treatment. Although, as of yet, clinical trials remain infrequent, studies have shown that CBD may improve the overall quality of life for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

CBD as a Tumor Deterrent

Given the widespread nature of cancer in modern society, a growing number of patients are seeking out alternative, natural remedies for their specific maladies. In a variety of tests, CBD has been found to act as an active anti-tumor agent, helping to reduce the size of tumors and promote cancerous cell death. One possible hypothesis for why CBD is so effective in the fight against cancer is the fact that this particular compound contains a variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Currently, a number of clinical trials are being undertaken to better understand precisely how CBD is fighting cancer.

CBD as an Anti-Anxiety Treatment

In a collection of animal tests and human trials, CBD has been shown to diminish the onset of anxiety and stress. For those who have suffered grievous trauma and have developed PTSD as a result, studies are now showing that CBD may help these patients overcome the influence of their memories. It remains to be seen exactly how CBD is remedying anxiety and stress in patients.

As you can see, there are a number of exciting medical developments taking place centered on the use of CBD. Although it is, obviously, to early to speak definitively on whether or not CBD should become a staple in hospitals and pharmacies throughout the country, current data reveals that it will likely prove to be beneficial on some level for patients suffering from a wide assortment of health problems.